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Ardell Soft Touch Knot-Free Tapered Individuals Long Black Eyelashes


Ardell Professional Soft Touch Knot-Free Tapered Individuals Long Black has uniquely designed lash cluster with a knot free base and tapered tips which makes application seamless along natural lashes.  Each package contains 56 natural looking Long length knot-free clusters, which means they don't have clumsy knots or dark bands. They are lightweight and tapered at the ends resulting in a perfectly awless lash look that blends naturally with your own lashes..

  • Length is approx. 12mm long
  • Tapered lash tips create a natural look
  • Super soft, luxurious and comfortable
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Blends naturally
Ideal for occasions: Daily, Party, Special Occasion, Performance, Evening out


Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free.

Select the length of Soft Touch Individuals you want to use and start with the outermost corner of your eyes.
Gently pick up one cluster with your tweezers and dip the end of one Soft Touch lash cluster into the adhesive. Tip, don't overdo on the adhesive as too much adhesive will make your extensions look messy.
Looking down into a mirror, place one indvidual lash cluster on the outermost corner of your eye close to your lash line directly on top of your natural lashes. The closer to your lash line the more natural the cluster extensions will appear because your own lashes will blend in better with the individual flares. Note, individual eyelash adhesive is not meant to come into contact with your skin, it is meant for bonding of the lash cluster with your natural lashes.
Without placing the Soft Touch clusters too close to each other, repeat and work your way inwards until you have covered the outer third of your eye. Next, select the next shortest length lash cluster and dip it into the adhesive. Use this length to fill in any blank spaces and the inner corner of your eye for a completed cluster extensions look.

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